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Making SSH more Secure 0

If you run a server and have a popular website (or bad friends) you will probably want to make your SSH connection more secure.  If you have any logιn failure alerts or brute force detection methods you may notice your server gets attacked several times a day.  This server, when using the default SSH port, gets about […]

Knowing More about cPanel Web Hosting 0

When it comes to Internet hosting, cPanel web hosting is another option that is offered to various users. The aim of cPanel web hosting is to make the hosting process a lot simpler. More so, it is created to make software that lets basic system administration processes to be automatically performed. With it, the owner usually gets […]

What Sets Linux and Windows Hosting Apart? 0

When checking out the best Web hosting company, the operating system is one of the things that have to be taken into consideration. Linux and Windows hosting are usually offered by various companies. In hosting service, both of them work out fine with any computer. However, there are some differences that should be examined. In […]

VPS vs Dedicated Server Hosting: What are the Differences? 0

When it comes to web hosting, there are many options that offer to meet various user needs and requirements. As a website becomes more popular, shared web hosting is no longer applicable due to the fact that it is poor in handling increased volume of traffic and cannot handle too many SQL requests at the […]

The Difference between Shared and Dedicated Hosting 0

Web hosting enables users to make their site available to be viewed by visitors through the Internet. It is significant to choose the best web hosting company that will give the most excellent service. At the same time, it is also important to come up with a domain name and have it registered. When planning […]